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Oxford Enlighten Education (OEE) is located in the UK capital London. The company, which is registered in the UK, offers a new and dynamic combination of education and competition. It adheres to the traditional Chinese concept of "reading thousands of books and travelling thousands of miles", whereby learning and travel merge to enable students of different ages to gain knowledge and increase their experience of the world, and of course, it specifically helps to better understand British history and culture. Through the international competition can stimulate the students' potential, exercise their learning ability, and broaden their horizons.


OEE has been innovative and aims to give unique access to a different UK. We have pursued this high-quality end with integrity and can provide experiences including the primary school student, secondary school student and university student summer camp, winter camp, an experience at a famous British university, a one pair one cultural exchange for junior high school students, a British extracurricular interest competition and other educational projects. We can also arrange trips according to the requirements of different customers (such as a junior high school study and interview tour, simulated university interviews, visits to well-known laboratories, etc.).


Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing students with the best quality learning experience, and the most perfect summer education programmes. 




We are rapidly developing and we look forward to working with your organisation or school, faithfully undertaking to provide you with the most thorough and professional education service.



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