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In the most primitive definition, the game is relatively high in the competition, but in the field of modern education it has another meaning, it is an experience, a kind of interactive communication, and a kind of physical education model. With the acceleration of the global integration process, international exchanges are becoming more and more extensive, and students' requests for knowledge do not only stay on books but also more on life. Modern international competition in a unique form of different national culture students together, mutual exchange, mutual learning; in such way to improve the overall quality of students, stimulate potential, improve self-learning ability, enhance students in the future study and career in the competitiveness, which is our intention to promote international competition.

We have carefully researched and reviewed three high-level international competitions for Chinese students, and have successfully obtained their agency rights, responsible for the competition promotion in China. We welcome high-level international schools, all kinds of educational institutions to participate in the contest where you compete with the global international students. Due to the high level of these competitions, we will recommend the selection of eligible schools or institutions and provide a full range of training and assistance to help them get a good ranking.



 March 27---April 10, 2018

British English Olympics

July 2-7,  2018

Africa Seychelles islands

International Essay and debate Competition

Easter, 29/03/2018--10/04/2018

Summer, 31/07/2018--12/08/2018

Masters Competition

Royal Holloway Campus

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