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     As an educational tour operator and representative of this programme, I am honoured to introduce this unique international competition for the entrepreneurs of the future. This programme is designed and run by Oxford International Education Group with over 20 years experience as a leading education provider. This mini MBA style programme with the aim of empowering the students to take the initiative in business innovation, at the same time offering an excellent platform to practice and develop their entrepreneurial knowledge and business project management skills. The "Masters" also provides the most solid foundation for their future workplace competition. This programme is for high school students, aged between 15-19 years. 


Master Rewards:

        * All teams will receive a school plaque of participation

        * All students will be awarded a "Master" medal and a certificate

        * The winning school and two runners up will be given a "Masters" trophy 


Competition time:   

         Twice a year,  Easter: 29/03/2018--10/04/2018 and Summer: 31/07/2018--12/08/2018


Competition content:

         This two weeks programme will cover Business lectures, Project development, Evening entrepreneurs and business experts talk, social events and activities, and four full-day excursions and business visiting. 


Competition location:

          Royal Holloway Campus           



The sample of specific itinerary and event arrangements for 2018 Masters Summer competition 
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