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Educational Tours

       For young students or non-academic summer activities, we have launched a series of educational programmes, hoping to enrich students holiday through these tours increase the horizons of students. Our project will provide students with a platform for cultural exchange so that they can understand the UK more deeply, understand the UK's education system, experience different ways of education, and improve the overall quality of the students. During the tour, we will organise in-depth exchanges with local British students to achieve mutual learning and mutual influence, but also create a perfect opportunity to make international friendship for students.

2018 Timetable

19  July

Make your dream come true

16  July

Discovery of culture and history of the UK


Independent school summer boarding programme


English/literature appreciation


A variety of English classes will be provided which will avoid old-fashioned and tedious grammar learning. They will be made more vivid through appreciation of British classical literature and will include English speech lessons to strengthen the students' listening, speaking, and reading abilities.



We are now including a new Quality Education section-the project is very lucky to have gained a well-known drama teacher to teach students about stage performances and train them in limb movement and language skills, to help make them more confident and have more personal charm, like Oxford's former prime ministers: Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron, etc.

Mind mapping

The mind mapping was first introduced by a British psychology author Mr Tony Buzan in 1974. Scientists have proved that the visual spider diagram will be of great benefit to our memory, visual thinking, problem-solving and brainstorming, Our expert teacher is going to introduce this concept to students in the workshop.



We will offer some wonderful British sports such as horse riding, tennis, golf or football etc. Students can enjoy a typical British sporting activity, according to their personal preference. 



There will be a series of dynamic tour tracking feedback so that parents feel at ease. We will also have full use of WeChat. Thus, parents gain more real understanding of the activities of their child every day, and the use of multimedia to record their child's most wonderful moments.

              Transport and tourist route


We provide safe and comfortable transport: in the UK we have a shuttle bus to use for our everyday trips, and at the airport, we will give a hand in student's tax refund.


Our representative tourist route contains both a traditional city but also a modern metropolis; both modern media organisations but also sites which celebrate more traditional literature. We also include visits to two world cultural heritage sites during the trip, plus one famous British museum visit.

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